CARL AXEL ACKING (1910-2001)

        Helsingborg, Sweden, 1910 - Lund, Sweden, 2001

        Starting school at the Swedish school of Decorative Arts Konstfack en 1931, Carl Axel Acking graduated in 1939 from the Royal Technical school, where he studied to become architect. He opens his own business and get internationally renowned for his three pavilions for the international exhibition in Helsingborg H55. Carl Axel Acking was not only an architect, he also created furnitures for Bodafors, the Svenska Möbelfabriken and the Nordiska Kompagniet. 
        He received the prestigious Lunning Prize in 1952, and in the late 1950’s Carl Axel Asking became a teacher in the schools where he trained. He is member of the Swedish Society of Decorative Arts, and many of his artworks are kept in the Swedish National Museum.