AUDOUX & MINET (XXth century)

Adrien Audoux and Frida Minet were a famous French design couple who made a lot of wooden and rope furniture in the 1940s and 1950s.

Over the decade, their creative hands gave birth to pieces with modern lines and a raw spirit. Chandeliers, minimalist mirrors, lamp posts, armchairs... Strings show all their creativity and become unique works of art. Audoux-Minet's most recognizable designs were simple frames dressed in woven abaca, designed for the company Vibo Vesoul. Audoux-Minet also had an outlet in Golfe-Juan, the Provencal coastal town on the border of Vallauris, where Picasso worked at the time. This region became a hotbed of artistic creativity, not to mention a destination for wealthy travelers. Audoux-Minet allegedly claimed that they were attracted to Golfe-Juan by its artistic reputation and not by the wealthy clientele, which would have contradicted the UAM manifesto. However, this would certainly have been a practical bonus.