AUDOUX - MINNET (Active from 1929 to 1965 )

        The absence of a catalogue for the Audoux-Minnet company allows only partial knowledge of their productions. Nevertheless, we know that it was certainly during their honeymoon that Adrien Audoux, originally from Franche-Comté, and Frida Minnet, originally from Switzerland, decided to set up their business in Cannes in 1929. 

        Frida Minnet's father was himself a rattan furniture maker in Montreux, where his shop was located. He was a great help in setting up the young couple, who mainly produced rattan furniture. In 1942, the company moved to Golfe-Juan, not far from Vallauris, where Jean Bonaudi also made rattan furniture. There, it is a clientele of the Rievera, composed of rich British or Americans attracted by the "French taste", who buy their furniture. In the 1950s, the company, better known as "le Doux Minet" taking the symbol of a black kitten, invented a new style of furniture whose frame, often made of oak or beech, was entirely covered with raffia, which made their reputation. The seats can be covered with raffia made of plaited mats in a checkerboard pattern or with large meshes. The flagship model of the armchair, whose U-shaped beech legs form one with the armrests, was manufactured by the Vibo company in Vesoul. Audoux-Minnet furniture has an oblong plate on the crosspieces indicating either "Fabrique de meubles Audoux-Minnet - Golf-Juan", or "Meubles Audoux-Minnet - Golf-Juan", or "Meubles en rattin Audoux-Minnet - 06. Golfe-Juan". 

        It is interesting to note that the House of Audoux-Minnet did not have any dealers and that only their sales outlet in Golfe-Juan offered their furniture. Pierre Bianchi took over the reins of the company in 1965 while continuing to create the same type of modernist furniture. The company closed its doors for good in the 1990s.