François Décorchemont was born on May 26, 1880. His father was a sculptor and an art teacher at the National School of Decorative Arts. His mother was from an artist family, so naturally François Décorchemont was interested about art. In 1900, he graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts. Ceramic and color fascinated him. He realized many objects in molten glass that brought him fame . Painter, ceramist , glassworker , he created all of his works, from drawing to finishing.

He developed in the early twentieth century the art of fine glass paste, thick and translucent. He also invented a new material, the molten crystal.

As a Christian in his village’s church,  which had beautiful stained glass windows of the Renaissance, he had the idea to apply his technique to the art of stained glass in the 1930s . After few panels, in 1935, Décorchemont received a huge order and must perform 300 square meters of stained glass windows for the church Sainte- Odile in Paris. The windows of the church of Saint Odile did not bring him lots of money, but allowed him to be recognized as a master glassmaker. He later received numerous  orders for churches in the department of Eure, whose windows had been destroyed during the war.

His work where aesthetics extol, is characterized by a minimalist design, with simple lines and luster, transparency and brightness of colors.