EUGÈNE PRINTZ (1889-1948) & JEAN DUNAND (1877-1942) (1889-1948 / 1877-1942)

Jean Dunand was a unique and manifold creator, at the same time sculptor, brass worker, goldsmith, lacquer and interior designer, driven by the resistance of metals as well as by the creative adornment he chiseled on them. Sculptor by training, he developed a fascination for metals and became the most brilliant dinandier of his time.

Eugène Print became known around 1930 as a designer of furniture and fittings characterized by a meticulous execution and quality materials in the service of a distinctive style accorded the greatest importance to the structure and the silhouette rather only decorative effects. For him, the furniture was a luxury object worthy of the finest materials. We use some of the rarest exotic woods and also palm, embellished with gilded bronze, patina and sheathed from time to time inside the aspect to the silky and soft aspect that satin.

Eugene Printz is distinguished by the implementation of a collaborative work in his career, which was especially his collaborative work with Jean Dunand. The decorator and the dinandier and the lacquereur indeed associated their talents to create sumptuous furniture composed of  large silver panels copper or lacquers delicately worked by Jean Dunand.