HANS HOLLEIN ((1934-2014))

Vienna 1934 - Vienna 2014

It is only under the caption of ‘thinker’ that one may seize the polymorphous characters and aspirations of the Austrian architect, urbanist, designer and teacher Hans Hollein. His entire thought coagulates and merges in one of his texts  « Everything is architecture », an intellectual post-modernist postulate published in the magazine BAU in 1968.

He was trained at the Académy des beaux-arts of Vienna, at the Illinois Insitute of Technology in Chicago an at the University of California in Berkeley. He founded in Vienna in 1964 his own agency and conjointly led a prolific activity of journalist and chief editor at BAU magazine from 1964 to 1970.

His creation, within which sculpted evocations befit the most chiseled tiny details, are imbued with preciosity : arble Museum, titanium and copper are wholeheartedly used . In 1985, the Pritzker prize was awarded to him, and in 1996 he became commissioner of the Venice Biennale, where he fixed the theme « Architects as seismographs of society. ».