Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann / Manufacture de Sèvres (1925-1930)

The Manufacture de Sèvres has maintained its privileged position throughout its history by focusing on renewing its forms and techniques.
Georges Lechevallier-Chevignard (1878-1945), director of the Manufacture from 1920 to 1938, was fully aware of the importance of innovation at Sèvres. Among the great names of the decorators, he called upon Henri Rapin (1873-1939) and Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann (1879-1933), who designed new forms by exploring purity and geometry. Then, the surface of the white porcelain was an open field for the imagination of the painters on ceramics of the workshops of Sèvres who conceived new decorative projects. Among these painters, there were many women decorators such as Suzanne Lalique (1893-1989) or Anne-Marie Fontaine (active from 1928 to 1938). 

Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann was invited in 1927 by the Manufacture director, two years after his consecration at the Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris. 
He designed seven vases, a teacup with its saucer, and a monumental light fixture for the Ile-de-France liner's tea room. 
The luxurious sobriety of the forms is married to the richness of the painted decorations and gives us all the elegant aesthetic of the Art Deco style.