MAURICE JALLOT (1900-1967)

Maurice Jallot, born in 1900 the 11th of March, is the son of Léon Jallot who was, just the same as he, a woodcarver, a cabinetmaker and a decorator at the same time. After he studied at the Ecole Boulle, in Paris, he entered his father’s enterprise in 1921. The furniture made by the firm is soon exhibited with both their names attached. However, at the occasion of the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs in 1928, Maurice Jallot’s work was exhibited next to his father’s but separately designated, signed only with his name ; indeed, the two men often worked apart from each other. The pieces of Maurice Jallot showed his taste for a modernist style, more than the one of his father,  rather traditionalist.
The production of Maurice is characterized by an aesthetic of sobriety. Refusing the profusion of ornaments, he preferred simple and purified furniture, straight lines, and often used beautiful wood, lacquer or galuchat veneers, thanks to his mastered technique.
As a decorator, Maurice Jallot realized the furniture for numerous apartments, shops or hostels. He also worked for the Elysée – French presidents’ palace –, ministries, French embassies in Poland and in Israel, but also for cruise ships. While he began using synthetic materials in the 1940’s, he rehabilitated rattan in 1949.
Maurice Jallot stopped his professional activity in the 1950’s. He died in 1971.