Veronese is a French glass house founded in 1931, it runs the creation of custom-made lighting and mirrors by the master glassmakers of Murano. Its name, a tribute to the most famous painter of the Venice School, evokes the shape of an eponymous vase and reminds us that before specialising, the company offered a wide range of products. Indeed, the house offers a collection of chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps and mirrors presented until the 1950s, during the Salon de la lumière, the Salon d'automne, and the Salon des artistes décorateurs. Designed in collaboration with interior designers such as André Arbus, these pieces marked the development of a style that combines the modernity of the lines with the finesse of Murano's know-how. 

Veronese has never ceased to innovate, with only the slogan of tailor-made solutions. Still handcrafted in Murano, his models celebrate both the brand's heritage and the creativity of its design office, often associated with internationally renowned designers and stylists.