Troyes 1882 - Troyes 1960

Maurice Marinot is a painter, curious about shapes and colours, who one day, without abandoning his brushes, submitted himself to the rough practice of glass. This work, which he imposed on himself to learn, he does not accomplish it otherwise than as a good worker. He uses the same tools: steel cane, wooden shapes, pliers and iron blades. There is nothing mysterious about his processes: acid etching, cutting, wheel polishing; all this Marinot follows them meticulously. To suddenly discover what distinguishes him from his peers, you have to see him at the glass factory in Bar-sur-Seine, which welcomes him every morning. His gestures are animated by a creative flame. Marinot's works seem to be produced by natural phenomena. They make one think of blocks of ice or tinted transparent stones. A clear-sighted and thoughtful will made these seemingly geological elements emerge from the glass, while an artist's sensitivity tuned the tones, ordered the volumes, imposed a rhythm on them. His creativity varies constantly and never repeats itself and reflects the expression of the artist who transforms himself, at the whim of a memory, an inspiration or a dream.