JEAN PUIFORCAT (1897-1945)

Born in Paris in 1897, Jean Puiforcat comes from a family of goldsmiths who has been working in Paris since 1820 and learns the trade in his father's workshop when he returned from the World War I. He completed his training by following the lessons of the sculptor Louis-Aimé Lejeune (1884-1969) and began to create abstract and geometric forms.

Between 1920 and 1925, his smooth and geometrical style asserts itself: The drawings of the goldsmith's pieces that he has made by skilled craftsmen, present new forms where the decorative motifs and ornaments are absent. The objects he draws have nothing to do with 18th century models. century. Their shapes are built around the sphere, the cone or the cylinder.

Through this, Jean Puiforcat is the lead of the art deco goldsmith in France. A modern artist, he is one of the first to develop simple, geometric lines in French luxury silverware. He died in 1945 and left behind a major work that still influences the creators of today. The Puiforcat house is still active today.