In 1919, the Simonet brothers took over wrought-iron work studios in the rue des Archives, Paris. During the 19th century, those seemed to be dedicated to bronze production, especially lighting elements – such as lusters, lamp and lamppost bases, torches, etc. – but also to period furniture ornementation. 
Simonet brothers oriented the firm toward modern creation ; workshops were now producing original pièces, often drawn by Albert, while a true and complete catalog was developed. More than anything, crystal glass became the favourite material of Simonet pieces, following the exemplary path of René Lalique ; the manufacture of Choisy-le-Roi, an illustrious institution in activity since 1805, was entrusted with the realization of crystal glass elements.
This inflection allowed Simonet brothers to create brand new and fashionable pieces, such as decorative objects – vases – which models were designed by the sculptor Henri Dieupart and presented both « Dieupart » and « Simonet frères éditeurs » signatures side by side.