SÜE & MARE (Louis SÜE (1875-1968) & André MARE (1885-1932))

1875-1968 . 1885-1932

Born in Bordeaux in a wealthy family, Louis Süe was trained as an architect and developed a passion for painting. As soon as 1902 he exhibits with the Nabis at the Salon des Independents. He opens an architect study with Paul Huillard, and together they create their first houses, willing to be part of the avant-garde. In 1912, Süe is back to painting searching for a « new style ». He also opens an interior design study, and become associate to André Mare from 1918, opening the « Compagnie des Arts Français ». Till 1928, their boutique is the meeting point of sculptors Maillol and Despiau, painters Dufresne and Vera, or Marinot a glassmaker. Working together at the « Compagnie des Arts Français » did not prevent these artists from having their own personal career.

In 1921, Süe and Mare theorized their ideas in a manifesto, expressing their vision of tradition, bringing a new light on it and a new interpretation. They want past and present to unite, instead of being in constant opposition.

Süe & Mare’s association represents the Art Deco style of 1925 : rich, flowery and ornamented. Aside from individuals orders and unique models, the « Compagnie des Arts Français » worked on a serial production specially for disaster areas post World War 2. They also took part in the decoration of cruise ships such as the Paris (1021) and the Ile-de-France (1927). One of their last interior design was to furnish Jane Renouardt’s private mansion, as they hand over the « Compagnie » to Jacques Adnet in 1928.