Galerie Marcilhac - Paris

April 10th 2014 to May 24th 2014


Personal exhibition of the painter - sculptor, Paul Jouve animal (1878-1973) at the Felix Marcilhac gallery, you will discover the world of "Animal Painter Sculptor", which became fascinated wild or domestic animals, architectural sites and exotic landscapes. 

Forty works illustrate its various techniques, such as prints, stencils, drawings, paintings and sculptures of exceptional thing (including the bull's head made ​​for the Trocadero). Its ability to enter, penetrate, to reproduce the character trait of each species is absolutely fascinating. Whether tigers, panthers, jaguars, monkeys, eagles, elephants and other animals found in zoos around his many travels around the world, he manages to capture a "snapshot" which no other designer can not pretend ... to discover or rediscover urgently.