Galerie Marcilhac - Paris

June 26th 2014 to July 26th 2014


The gallery Marcilhac will present from 26 June 2014 a selection of works carved and painted Kelli Bedrossian.
The architectural design of front and sculptures, the articulation of their masses and prismatic volumes precise juxtaposition of their plans, are part of a sculpture that could be called cubist if they were in them a clear emotion, beauty essential, perfect readability whose sole contemplation evokes deep and timeless humanity.
Without knowing anything about the visual vocabulary of one or the other sculptors that we present to the gallery for forty years, whether Gustave Miklos, Joseph Csaky or Jean Lambert-Rucki, the work of
Kelli Bedrossian reflected over time a kind of stylistic parentage whose design seemed sufficiently clear to constitute an extension of our own discovery of these sculptors of the interwar wars.
And we invite you to discover or rediscover this artist who, through the confrontation of soft sculpted and painted figures, suggests with any energy in retaining the memory of a scent, a sound, the nobility of a body of Ebony, the dignity of a face, peppery taste of the south.