Exhibition « Déesses » de Kelli Bedrossian

8 rue Bonaparte

September 30th 2022 to October 30th 2022

After two exhibitions in 2012 and 2014, Galerie Marcilhac reveals in this third part the new creations of the artist Kelli Bedrossian.

Located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Paris since 1969, Galerie Marcilhac is renowned as one of the oldest Parisian galleries devoted exclusively to 20th century French decorative arts. It has produced numerous monographs and catalogs raisonnés of artists and decorators such as Dominique, André Groult, Jean Dunand, Joseph Csaky, René Lalique and Maurice Marinot, and has become a leading exponent of this style through its assiduous presence on the international art market.

Since 2012, this Art Deco setting is the place of exhibition of Kelli Bedrossian's works, an artist born in 1955 and based in Nîmes who sculpts volumes in paint, bronze or plaster. Inspired by African art and cubism, her female figures are described by forms that are both angular and voluptuous. All of them are adorned with spectacular ornaments and headdresses borrowed from Greek, Armenian or African mythical figures.

The bronze and plaster sculptures offer a striking contrast. The work of the material and the construction of the volumes can be observed in each of the works. The bronzes, cast according to the traditional technique of lost wax casting, are distinguished by extremely accomplished surface finishes. On the occasion of this new exhibition, Kelli Bedrossian delivers to the public one of her most monumental creations; 'Pas de Danse'. This sculpture of 175 cm height embodies the technical feat and represents more than 200 hours of work for the casting of this bronze of 180 kg.

Guided by the sensuality and energy of these bronze and plaster goddesses, visitors will discover the artist's works of yesterday and today. Matea, Aretha, Isis, Isa or Era... will lead them in a timeless and sublime dance.