Galerie Marcilhac is the oldest Parisian gallery dedicated to the Decorative Arts of the 20th century. Located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, it presents works from the period from 1920 to 1940. Its director, Félix-Félix Marcilhac, is part of the young generation of merchants who are now building the future of the profession of gallery owner and antique dealer.

His father, Félix Marcilhac, a renowned specialist in the field of Decorative Arts, has made Galerie Marcilhac internationally known since its creation in 1969. He is the author of several catalogues raisonnés such as those of the glassmakers René Lalique and Maurice Marinot, the sculptors Chana Orloff, Edouard Marcel Sandoz and Joseph Csaky, the ensembliers-décorateurs André Groult and the Maison Dominique, the coppersmith Jean Dunand and the painters Paul Jouve and Jacques Majorelle. Under the new impulse of Félix-Félix Marcilhac, the gallery organizes exhibitions devoted to the great figures of the Decorative Arts such as E.J. Ruhlmann, J.M. Frank, M. Coard, E. Printz, A. Groult, J. Dunand or Süe et Mare who rub shoulders with pieces by more contemporary artists such as the Giacometti brothers.

In addition, the active participation of Galerie Marcilhac in numerous exhibitions and fairs in Paris, Brussels, London, Geneva, Cologne and New York highlights the Decorative Arts and confirms its international success year after year. Driven by this vision of the conservation and enhancement of our heritage, Galerie Marcilhac promotes the creations of the great decorators of this period.