Sideboard, 1942

Celadon green lacquered wood sideboard decorated with gilded bronzes. In the center, a gilded bronze solar mascaron signed "Androusov". 
The doors open asymmetrically onto an interior in sycamore with a shelf. 

H 86 - L 134 - P 54 cm (H 33.9 - W 52.8 - D 21.3 in)


In the family of the designer - Galerie Yves Gastou, Paris - Former collection of Mr. et Mrs A., Paris - Private collection, Paris.


The model of this console was created in February 1942. A version in turquoise blue lacquer was exhibited at the Salon unique des Augustins and acquired by Henri Thévenin (see in Yvonne Brunhammer, "André Arbus ; Architecte Décorateur des Années 40", p. 192).


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"André Arbus par Waldemar George", Paris, Art et Industrie, 1948, pl. 12 model described as follows : "Chest of drawers in turquoise Chinese lacquer. Bronze of AUDROUSOW. This chest of drawers was acquired in 1942 by Henri Thévenin, friend of André Arbus and collaborator of his works".
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