RENÉ BUTHAUD (1886-1986)

The Birth of Venus , Circa 1926-1928

Sculpture representing The Birth of Venus after a sculpture by Jean-Elie Chaveron (1898-1954). 

Ceramic with rich enameling; one uses the motif of shagreen for the figure of Venus and the other of snake skin for the decorative parts.

Signed "E. Chaveron", inside under the base. 

This sculpture was edited to less than 10 copies. 


H 41,5 - L 46 cm (H 16.3 - W 18.1 in)


Pierre Cruège, collaboration d'Anne Lajoix, "René Buthaud (1886-1986), Paris, Les Editions de l'Amateur, 1996. Identical model in cracked white reproduced p. 153.