PIERRE CHAREAU (1883-1950)

Pair of Chairs, MF275 model, circa 1924

MF 275 model in sycamore. Curved and slightly enveloping backrest shouldered by two symetrical uprights, apertured and inclined in the upper parts, forming the armrests. Seat covered with ecru fabric and tapered legs with rectangular section and sabre at the back.

H 84 - L 51 - P 47 cm (H 33.1 - W 20.1 - D 18.5 in)


"MF275" model from the artist's catalog produced for the Indochinese pavilion at the Exposition internationale des Arts décoratifs et industriels modernes in 1925, the Grand Hôtel de Tours in 1928 and the Villa Noailles at Hyères between 1923 and 1925.
There are several variants (seat in wood, without arms).


Pavillon de l’Indochine à l’Exposition Internationale des Arts décoratifs et industriels modernes, Paris, 1925.
Pavillon de Marsan, Paris, 1927.


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