ALBERT CHEURET (1884-1966)

The Three Storks, 1938

Antique green patinated bronze chandelier with original alabaster plates. Signed.

H 68 - L 88 cm (H 26.8 - W 34.6 in)


Collection of Mr. Lucien B. (1887-1955), friend of the artist. In 1936, M. Lucien B. commissioned two lamps, including « The Three Storks ». Cheuret handed him the artworks two years later.


The Exposition des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Moderne in 1925 was pivotal in Cheuret’s artistic journey. Like his contemporary, Pierre Chareau, he became more and more focused on simplified, functionalist forms, sober decors and modern, yet refined, materials like alabaster and bronze. Nonetheless, Albert Cheuret never waived his natural or exotic ornaments. Aloe, herons, waders, storks, algae or snakes, often treated in round shapes, populate his soft and slender looking lamps.
Titre: Saying Goodbye In The Rain / Auteur : Jelsonic