MARCEL COARD (1889-1974)

Chest of Drawers, circa 1928-1929

Mounted on a quadraangular body of amaranth veneer and inlaid lapis lazuli at the front as well as on the belted underframe of the furniture. Four drawers in the central part constitute the openings; surrounded by two solid doors and a recessed rectangular plate. The footbase is also slightly recessed, yet claded with lapis-lazuli at the Greek silver metallic angles. Cored silver metal pull handles. Stamped on the back.

H 97 - L 174 - P 49 cm (H 38.2 - W 68.5 - D 19.3 in)


Created circa 1928-1929 for a residence in the South of France.


Lapis furniture is very characteristic of the work of Coard, reminiscent of those he created to furnish Madame Paul Cocteau's room in her Touraine countryside home in 1928.