JOSEPH CSAKY (1888-1971)

Abstract Figure, 1921

Polychromed stone, direct carved
Unique piece, signed

H 83 - L 11 cm (H 32.7 - W 4.3 in)


Léonce Rosenberg's old collection ; Nouran Manoukian's collection ; Private collection, France.


Exhibited in 1977 at the Bourdelle Museum in Paris, for an exhibition "Three Sculptors of the 1930's, Gargallo, Csaky, Lambert-Rucki", this abstract Figure was also a flagship of the Nouran Manoukian collection, as well as a model of Csaky's linear aesthetics. The artist here deconstructs the clean geometric shapes themselves with the intention of sketching only lines of force whose evocative power and delineation are sufficent to shape the figure.


Csaky photographic archives (AC.89), marked Polychrome stone circa 1925, photo Marc Vaux (#352).
Léonce Rosenberg archives, referenced Figure #7591, creation registered in August 1921, acquired the 25th of August 1925, purchase price of marble 1000F.
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