JOSEPH CSAKY (1888-1971)

Fish (granite), 1925

Granite, direct carved
Unique piece, signed

H 27 - L 48,5 - P 15 cm (H 10.6 - W 19.1 - D 5.9 in)


Marcel Coard's old collection. ; Private collection, Paris.


In 1925 and 1926, Joseph Csaky realized several fishes in diverse materials – granite, marble, bronze – ; the Fish in black granit is the first to be born under the sculptor's scissors. It soon joined Marcel Coard's personal collection.
Adolphe Basler, in his book dedicated to the "French Modern Sculpture" (1928), relied on the black Fish which, according to him, appeared as the icon of the singularity of Csaky's cubism ; its exacerbated geometry, its angular relief and its incisive silhouette illustrated the "volumetric brutality" praised by Basler as the cornerstone of the sculptor's genius.


Dépôt 15, Csaky, oeuvres choisies, Paris, 1973, #32.


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