DOMINIQUE (André DOMIN (1883-1962) & Marcel GENEVRIERE (1885-1967))

Desk and its chair, circa 1930

Curved desk with two boxes in walnut and walnut veneer and opening with two drawers of entablature. 
The top, finished in the center with an original brown leather blotter, receives two recessed parts, each with a drawer pull and revealing a document block for one and a pencil box for the other. 
Each box opens with a full side door, rests on a recessed base and reveals an interior with shelves. 
The recessed parts of the top and the bases of the boxes are enriched with a nickel-plated brass ring.

Original chair also in walnut. 
The front legs are of the sheath type, the back legs are saber-shaped and extend into the backrest uprights, the belt has a cut-out in the front.


H 76 - L 142 - P 65 cm (H 29.9 - W 55.9 - D 25.6 in)


Félix Marcilhac, "Dominique, André Domin & Marcel Genevrière, Décorateur-ensemblier du XXe siècle", Les Editions de l'Amateur, Paris, 2008, archive photo p.84; 228; 281.
Titre: Saying Goodbye In The Rain / Auteur : Jelsonic