MARC DU PLANTIER (1901-1975)

Painting of Marc du Plantier's dining room of his apartment rue du Belvédère, 1936

In a world devoid of ornamentation and defined by colored planes in shades of blue and pink, this oil on canvas depicts in the center Marc and Anne du Plantier flanked by two columns, like Adam and Eve admiring the heavens. 

To the left, two men are standing, one with his head bowed, eyes closed and holding the back of his neck, the other looking at Anne du Plantier, asleep on an antique green bronze bed. 

On the right, a woman with a spectral appearance holds a ribbon in her mouth with one hand.

H 207 - L 428 cm (H 81.5 - W 168.5 in)


- Hotel particulier de Marc du Plantier, Boulogne 92 - Ancienne collection Léo Castelli.


This oil on canvas was conceived and realized by Marc du Plantier for his rue du Belvédère apartment in Boulogne-Billancourt. It was part of a cycle that was displayed on the walls of the dining room where the sumptuous severity of the Arabescato marble covered the floor and the walls or served as a table.
Above this marble, "frescoed canvases irradiate the light diffused by throughout glass plates, encircling the black lacquered ceiling. (...) The strangeness of the atmosphere comes in part from the decor painted by Marc du Plantier, unique in its kind and at this period. Conceived as a narrative cycle, it depicts the inhabitants and familiars of the house in a heroic nudity that links them to a secular world into which the viewer is invited to enter, a quasi-mystical symbolist representation that has certainly not revealed all its codes and secrets. " in BADETZ (Yves), "Marc du plantier", Édition Norma, Paris, 2010, pp. 98-99.


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