PAUL DUPRÉ-LAFON (1900-1971)

Desk , Circa 1950

Inverted U-shaped Macassar ebony veneer desk with two boxes.

Original Hermès brown leather on the top and sides of the desk. The top has two brass-edged niches that open into sliding drawers covered with parchment with bronze spherical handles.

On the visitor's side, three sliding trays are separated by bronze cabochons lined with leather in their centre, the front is lined with its original parchment.

On the work side, each box opens with three drawers with rounded inner corners and original bronze handles.



H 72 - L 210 - P 84,5 cm (H 28.3 - W 82.7 - D 33.3 in)


"Art nouveau Art déco", Ader-Picard-Tajan Auction, June 29th, 1990, Mairie du 9e, Paris. Our set represented at numbe 380 in the sale catalogue (world record for the artist at the time of this auction). - Galerie L’Arc en Seine, Paris VI. Work acquired during the previous one. - Private collection, Neuilly. Work acquired on December 20th, 1990 from the previous.


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