MAURICE JALLOT (1900-1967)

Cabinet, circa 1936

By Maurice and Léon Jallot.

A Brazilian rosewood cabinet opening by two front doors. Front fram and top entirely covered with leather, structure decorated with patinated bronze, inside in sycamore. Piece revived with a leather, identical to the original leather.

H 90 - L 224 - P 49 cm (H 35.4 - W 88.2 - D 19.3 in)


Delattre Collection, directly acquired from the artist and in the family ever since.


Model displayed at the Salon des artistes décorateurs in 1936, Paris.


Art et Industrie, May-June 1936. Our furniture of a similar model p.13.
Mobilier et Décoration, year 1937. Our furniture of a similar model p.199.