PAUL JOUVE (1878-1973)

Tiger, 1930

Original etching on stained vellum from Van Gelder
Signed hors planche
Documentary proof numbered on a 100 pieces, as well as 10 luxury albums numbered from I to X on antique Japan paper, contain 2 engravings, 1 original drawing and 5 copies non commercialised numbered from A to E

Ref. 59 

H 45 - L 54 cm (H 17.7 - W 21.3 in)


Apollo Edition for Georges Weill, comprising a serie of 10 etchings, printed and engraved by Maccard. A few copies were printed on parchment and silk velvet.


Salon of the Society of Artistes décorateurs, Paris, 1930.


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L'Illustration, Noël 1930.