PAUL JOUVE (1878-1973)

Buddhist monk meditating in front of a Bayon temple, Angkor Thom, 1922

Oil on paper mounted on cardboard
Signed lower left
Dimensions with the original frame : 45.5 x 33.7 in

Ref. 32. 

H 99 - L 69 cm (H 39 - W 27.2 in)


Collection Paul Jouve, offered by the artist to his friend Gaston Suisse, then by descent.


This oil of a meditating monk in front of the four-faced tower of the Bayon, of Angkor Thom was made on the motif during Jouve's journey to the Far East. From November 1922 to the end of December 1922, Jouve made drawings and paintings of the Angkor temples. Jouve will also use this painting to illustrate Pierre Loti's Pilgrim of Angkor, an illustration outside the text on p. 102-103. Once again Jouve chose this painting as emblematic of his trip to Angkor and worthy of inclusion in his biography written by Charles Terrasse and published in 1948. Jouve will then exhibit this work for his exhibition at the Musée de la France d'Outre-Mer. He then kept it in his workshop, then offered it to his friend Gaston Suisse in the 1960s.


Galerie Georges Petit, 8 rue de Sèze, Paris, December 16 to 31, 1924, section Paul Jouve, #53 of the exhibition.
Musée de la France d’outre-mer, Paul Jouve, exhibition, from April 16 to May 8, 1955, #20.


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