PAUL JOUVE (1878-1973)

Pyhton (Kaa) , circa 1930

Oil and pencil on paper
Signed in red lower right
Framed dimensions: H 25 x L 44.9 in

Ref. 58 


Paul Jouve is one of the greatest animal illustrators of his time, illustrating between 1906 and 1914 Rudyard Kipling's book "The jungle book", which was not published until after the war in 1918. It is in this book that the preparatory drawing of Kaa, python devourer of humans, appears. Several versions will follow, including one for the first dish of the first illustrated volume of the work published in France in 1919 by "La Société du livre contemporain" in Paris.


Rudyard Kipling "Le livre de la Jungle", Paris, La Société du livre contemporain, 1919, similar python Kaa on the cover.