RENÉ LALIQUE (1860-1945)

"Passiflore" Chandelier, Circa 1924

Pair of Passiflore hanging lamps created on July 4, 1924, in white moulded-pressed glass, composed of twelve convex slabs attached to each other by metal fasteners and forming a sphere with relief decoration. 

Each glass slab represents a stylized blooming passion flower with the pistil in high relief. The piece is suspended from original cords. 

H 110 - L 60 cm (H 43.3 - W 23.6 in)


Félix Marcilhac, "René Lalique (1860-1945) ; maître-verrier", Paris, Les Editions de l'Amateur, 2011, represented and referenced p.643 with the mention "figure aux catalogues de 1929 et de 1932, supprimé du catalogue en 1937, non repris après 1947"