JULES LELEU (1883-1961)

Bergère , Circa 1930

Bergère model n°2799 of the Jules Leleu reference book, in lacquered wood with rounded and curved back and full armrests with wooden handles with a knot motif. 
The two curved front legs are adorned with gilt bronze sabots. 

H 83 - L 57 - P 62 cm (H 32.7 - W 22.4 - D 24.4 in)


François Siriex, "Leleu ; Décorateurs, Ensembliers", Château de Saint-Rémy-en-l'Eau, 2007, model in situ in Jean Leleu's flat p. 54, model in situ in the boudoir of Mme Douied de Lonlay p. 59, pictured in the 1953 view in the small salon of Mr. Mrs. Agénieux p.68.