CELINE LEPAGE (1882-1928)

Woman of Marrakech, circa 1925

Bronze with brown patina. Sand casting. Signed "Céline Lepage", stamped "La Stèle", numbered "28" on founder's stamp. 

H 78 - L 22 - P 21,5 cm (H 30.7 - W 8.7 - D 8.5 in)


This model was designed by Céline Lepage in 1921 when she returned from Morocco. It was entitled "Woman in Marrakech" by the art publisher Arthur Goldscheider, founder of the group "La Stèle" of which Céline Lepage was a member. Presented at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts of 1925, the subject is a popular success and several versions are widely distributed in France, of variable sizes and in various materials (ceramic in particular).


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