Vase « Africaniste », 1924

"Triangles, lozenges and lanceolate stripes" or "Africanist" decoration.
Rare ovoid vase on very light heel and with a large annular opening. Proof in copperware mounted with a hammer. Decoration realized with a fire patina and silver inlays on a shaded red background with a fire patina.
Signed Cl. LINOSSIER under the base. 

H 21 - L 16 - P 16 cm (H 8.3 - W 6.3 - D 6.3 in)


Succession 0., Lyon II.


Jean Gaillard - Claudius Linossier dinandier - Éditions Lugo, Lyon, 1994. Our work is reproduced on page 165 under the reference 466.