CHANA ORLOFF (1888 - 1968)

Chest, 1934

Bronze with brown patina
The model from 1934, the present cast is a post mortem edition from Susse foundeur
Signed « Ch. Orloff », and numbered 8/8
Stamped with the foundry stamp Susse Fondeur Paris on the base
Certificate of authenticity delivered by Chana Orloff Comity

H 48 - L 20 - P 10 cm (H 18.9 - W 7.9 - D 3.9 in)


Collection particulière, Paris.


Sculpted in 1934, Torso is an artistic equation of liberty whose main unknown part is metaphorized by the void of a missing head. The graceful curved legs are as powerful and determined as the proud torso , marching without eyes towards a potential happy and prosperous future.


1997 Exposition particulière, Galerie Vallois, Paris.


Félix Marcilhac, Chana Orloff, Les Éditions de l’Amateur, Paris, 1991, referenced under the n°193, p. 246 of the catalogue raisonné et reproduced in photograph (plaster) p. 99 et 118.