CHANA ORLOFF (1888 - 1968)

Jean-Émile Laboureur, 1921

Bronze with black patina
The model from 1921, the present cast is a post mortem edition from Susse foundeur
Signed « Ch. Orloff » and numbered 3/8
Stamped with the foundry stamp Susse Fondeur Paris on the back
Certificate of authenticity delivered by Chana Orloff Comity

H 34 - L 22 - P 28 cm (H 13.4 - W 8.7 - D 11 in)


Collection particulière, Paris.


Jean-Emile Laboureur (1877-1943) studied during many years the ancient engravers in Germany. At the Salon des Independants in 1922, his portrait by Chana Orloff was a sensation. Crapouillot reproduced it on its cover and said « See ! An astonishing resembling Laboureur. The grip the artist has taken from this fine and round model is bold : admire this beautifully crafted precise and tiny mouth lost in a beaming face (...) no one, until then, had dared what Orloff dared. I never imagined that the author of this sculpture was a woman, as it came to my mind I had just crossed one of the major creative forces of our time. » Claude Roger Marx.


1922 Société des Artistes Indépendants, XXXIIIe exposition. Grand Palais, Paris. 1923 Exposition particulière, Galerie Briant-Robert, Paris.
1929 Exposition particulière, E. Weyhe Gallery, New York.
1931 Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo.
1932 Exposition particulière, Kunstzaal Van Lier, Amsterdam.
1938 School of Museum Fine Arts, Boston.
1947 Exposition particulière, M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco.
1952 Exposition particulière, The Museum Association of Israël, Israël.
1961 Exposition particulière, Association des Musées, Tel-Aviv.
1963 Exposition particulière, Galerie Granoff, Paris.
1969 Exposition particulière, Musée de Tel-Aviv.
1984 Exposition particulière, Galerie Vallois, Paris.
1992 Chana Orloff, Musée Municipal de Boulogne-Billancourt.
1994 Chana Orloff, Line and Substance, Open Museums, Tefen, Israël.
2010 Hommage à Chana Orloff, Galerie Vallois, Paris.


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