CHANA ORLOFF (1888 - 1968)

Fish, 1927

Bronze with black patina
The model from 1927, the present cast is a post mortem edition from Susse foundeur
Stamped with the foundry stamp Susse Fondeur Paris
Certificate of authenticity delivered by Chana Orloff Comity

H 45 - L 34 - P 15 cm (H 17.7 - W 13.4 - D 5.9 in)


Collection particulière, Paris.


Beyond the graceful rounded curvature which Chana Orloff endows her « Poisson », it is on the perfectly symmetric and esthetic profil of the latter that the eye stops. He did not know it at the time he declared it, but Georges Waldemar, an influential critic of art attached to the school of Paris, paid an expressive tribute to « Poisson» : « Simple patterns of modest proportions do honor to the originality of the créatrice- until style generates from it. "


1929 Exposition particulière, E. Weyhe Gallery, New York.
1931 Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo.
1952 Exposition particulière, The Museum Association of Israël, Israël.
1976 Exposition particulière, Hatzrif Art Gallery, Beersheva.
1988 Collection Tamir, Musée d’Hertzélia, Israël.


Félix Marcilhac, Chana Orloff, Les Éditions de l’Amateur, Paris, 1991, referenced under the n°133, p. 232 et 233 and reproduced in photograph (alabaster) p. 94.