CHANA ORLOFF (1888 - 1968)

Basset, 1927

Bronze with brown patina
The model is from 1927, the present cast is a post mortem edition from Susse foundeur
Signed « Chana Orloff », dated 1927 and numbered 5/8
Stamped with the inscriptions of the foundeur Susse Fondeur Paris on the base
Certificate of authenticity delivered by Chana Orloff Comity

H 28,5 - L 69 - P 16 cm (H 11.2 - W 27.2 - D 6.3 in)


Collection particulière, Paris.


« Basset » was exhibited for the first time at the « Salon de l’Arraignée » in 1927. His upright wait-and-see attitude, his pointed snout and arc-shaped tail as well as his elastic and elongated body- surface this more realistic sculpture with a humorous and light varnish. It should also be noted that in a parallel operation, Chana Orloff demystifies the funeral cult of ancient Egypt which the dog -here a Basset- embodies.


1929 Exposition particulière, E. Weyhe Gallery, New York.
1932 Exposition particulière, Kunstzall Van Lier, Amsterdam.
1935 Exposition particulière, Musée de Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv.
1935 Exposition particulière, Steimatsky’s Gallery, Jérusalem.
1963 Exposition particulière, Galerie Granoff, Paris.
1965 Exposition particulière, Musée d’Hertzélia, Israël.
1969 Exposition particulière, Musée de Tel Aviv, Israël.
1971 Exposition particulière, Musée Rodin, Paris.
1976 L’Animal de Lascaux à Picasso, Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.
1980 NRA, Exposition particulière, Turin.
1981 Peintres Russes de Paris, Galerie Chantepierre, Aubonne. Suisse.
1981 Paris-Paris, Centre Pompidou, Paris.
1984 Exposition particulière, Galerie Vallois, Paris.
1988 Kikoïne, Yankel, Chana Orloff, Musée Bourdelle, Paris.
1989 Sculpture Animalière de Pompon à César, Espace Saint-Jean, Melun.
1992 Chana Orloff, Musée Despiau-Wlerick, Mont de Marsan, 13 juin-31 août.
1992 Chana Orloff, Musée Municipal de Boulogne-Billancourt, 2 avril-31 mai.
2010 Hommage à Chana Orloff, Galerie Vallois, Paris, 1er-30 avril.
2014 Exposition particulière, Galerie Orsay, Paris, 25 mars-26 avril.


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