JEAN PERZEL (1892-1986)

Table lamp model n°32, circa 1925

Model with nested volumes created between 1923 and 1924. 
The base is made of walnut and the upper part is made of frosted glass and American glass set in a pewter frame. 
The lower part, inserted in the base and not visible, is equipped with prismatic glass and frosted glass.

H 26,7 - L 22 cm (H 10.5 - W 8.7 in)


Petits Meubles Modernes - Presentation by Eugène Kohlmann, Éditions E. Moreau, Paris, Paris, 1929. An identical lamp, placed on a desk by Djo Bourgeois, reproduced on plate 9.
Le Luminaire et les moyens d'éclairage nouveaux, 1ère série - Présentation de Guillaume Janneau, Éditions Charles Moreau, Paris, 1925. Model to be brought closer reproduced on plate 18.
L'Art vivant - N° 29 of 1926. Slight variation reproduced on page 192.
KJELLBERG (Pierre), 'Le Mobilier du XXe siècle', Paris, Les editions de l'Amateur, 2008, in an interior made by René Gabriel at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs of 1925, p. 241
L'Art vivant - N° 32 of 1926. Slight variant reproduced on page 306.