PRIMAVERA (1912-1972)

Two Pairs of Vases, Circa 1930

Set of four Primavera vases in ceramic with green cracked glaze covered by a metallic black enamel. 

The small vases are spherical in shape; one stands on a higher foot and has a narrowed neck.
A pair of high semi-circular vases accompanies them. 

Signed under the base "Primavera" and "Made in France" and numbered: 
Spherical vase with thin neck: N°12931. H. : 10 cm. 
Spherical vase : N°13123. H. : 15 cm. 

Pair of semi-circular vases signed under the base "Primavera" and numbered : N° 18646. 
H. 34 cm. D. : 18 cm. 

H 33,5 - L 10 - P 18,5 cm (H 13.2 - W 3.9 - D 7.3 in)