EUGÈNE PRINTZ (1889-1948)

Walnut dining table, Circa 1935

With rectangular top and grooved belt opening in its center to accommodate four extensions (three redone identically) with four additional legs.
Lateral double arch base in walnut and oxidized brass with sponge on hemispherical bases in oxidized brass joined by a quadrangular spacer. Stamped with iron in several places and numbered 6.
The top measures 125 x 95.5 cm without extensions or 125 x 316 cm with the 4 extensions.

H 74,5 - L 125 - P 95,5 cm (H 29.3 - W 49.2 - D 37.6 in)


Model presented on the Eugène Printz stand at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs in Paris, in 1935.


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