Pair of Sconces, Granet model, circa 1930

A silver-plated bronze mount and alabaster plates. Number 3641 in the Ruhlmann archives.
Dimensions of the alabaster plates : 6.9 x 18.9 cm.

H 25 - L 48 - P 17 cm (H 9.8 - W 18.9 - D 6.7 in)


In November 1931, the architect André Granet asked Émile Ruhlmann to set up all the professional premises of his new agency, 4, rue de Galilée. A pair of Granet sconces in alabaster and gilt bronze was located above the communication doors of the office-library. Another pair was installed in André Granet's cabinet, above the doors.


Salon des Artistes Décorateurs, Paris, 1929, model presented above the Tardieu bed in the pavilion of the artist.


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