SÜE & MARE (Louis SÜE (1875-1968) & André MARE (1885-1932))

Little Table, Pinet model, circa 1925

A Solid Makassar ebony veneer little table with a radiating motif marquetry top. Model referenced as #254 in the list of models created and entered in the reference book.

H 43 - L 52 cm (H 16.9 - W 20.5 in)


Florence Camard, "Süe et Mare et la Compagnie des Arts Français", Les Editions de l'Amateur, Paris, 1993, similar model p. 203 et 280. P. 172 for an archive photo presenting the table in Mr. Jean Patou's living-room.
Art et décoration, November 1928, similar model p. 131.
"Intérieurs et ameublements modernes", Edition Eugène Moreau, Paris, similar model pl. 35.
Titre: Saying Goodbye In The Rain / Auteur : Jelsonic