SÜE & MARE (Louis SÜE (1875-1968) & André MARE (1885-1932))

Chest of Drawers, circa 1925

A Rio rosewood and Thuya chest of drawers, with a slightly curved body opening with three drawers on the front, corner legs carved with stylized fins and sticks.

H 87 - L 124 - P 50,5 cm (H 34.3 - W 48.8 - D 19.9 in)


Edouard Mignot's collection, Marne region, France ; Private collection in Auvergne, France.


This chest of drawers was initially part of the collections of Edouard Mignot, owner of the Château de Sept-Saulx in the Marne region. This wealthy merchant from Reims entrusted the construction of the castle to Louis Süe and kept, in this building, the furniture from Süe and Mare acquired a few years earlier. At the time, this set was completed with a cylinder desk and a pair of bedside tables.


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